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A1C for Telemedicine

LiveTest expands your practice by enabling A1C testing live and in real-time during teleappointments. 

What’s in the kit?

Our home kit is shipped directly to your patient, and contains everything your patient needs to complete their A1C test:

1x sample collector
1x shaker
1x A1CNow device
1x A1CNow cartridge
1x alcohol swab
2x spring-loaded lancets
Cotton wool
Pre-paid device return envelope

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About the Kit

Our home kit contains everything your patient needs to complete their A1C test. We use the A1CNow device, which is FDA approved to be used at home for monitoring of diabetes. It takes less than 7 minutes for a patient to take the test, 5 minutes of which is passively waiting for the result. This makes it perfect for use during a telemedicine appointment, where you can guide the patient to ensure accurate results. Once the patient completes the test, you’ll immediately know their A1C result to prescribe optimal insulin therapy. 

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